The Pet Cab is a company devoted to finding, creating and sharing innovative and stylish ways for you to improve the comfort and safety of your pet.  We are dedicated to animal rescue work and often participate in fundraising for animal rescue organizations.

LED Collars & LED Leashes 

Due to customer request, we now sell a convenient pet assist harness in 4 sizes for pets up to 100 lbs. The canvas harness wraps around your pet’s torso, closes with velcro and has handles to help you hold or lift your pet up.  It is often used to help elderly, post op or handicapped pets outdoors, up stairs or into a vehicle.  Available in multiple colors and prints, the harness rolls up and snaps closed to store neatly and compactly in a glove compartment or other small space.

Pet Assist Harnesses

Product Demonstration

Our signature product, The Pet Cab, is a unique 6 way pet carrier that acknowledges and promotes the special bond between you and your small pet.  It can be held by the handle or leave both hands free to multi-task . . . while your pet is safe and comfortable at your side: over your shoulder, across your shoulder, around your waist or over your car seat.  It also transforms instantly into a leash and harness combination, in which your pet can walk and eliminate freely.  

The Pet Cab is available in 5 sizes for pets 2-15 lbs., dogs, puppies, cats, guinea pigs, etc.  It takes just seconds to put your pet in a Pet Cab, but substantially longer to decide which fun, fashionable fabric, pattern and/or color to choose each day.  Our generous selection of Pet Cabs includes a polar fleece option with a plush faux fur lining for cooler temperatures.  The Pet Cab has an adjustable length strap with padding, metal loops for id tags, a zipper fastener and is washable.   

Many Pet Cabs have adorable coordinating hats or caps to protect your small pet’s sensitive eyes and head from sun, rain or snow.  Our Pet Cabs and hats are perfect gifts for the pet lovers in your life. They can be purchased separately or as matching sets.

Pet Cab & Hats

The Pet Cab


Our patterned LED pet collars and matching LED leashes are specially designed for full-time use. With chic daytime designs, they also offer 70 hours of steady or flashing light at an adjustable speed for dusk or nighttime visibility and safety for you and your pet.  Batteries are replaceable. Collars are available in a variety of sizes and 4 bright colors each of camouflage and leopard print or “The Paw-casso” (a multi-colored dog bone, bowl and paw print).  Collars and leashes can be purchased separately or as matching sets.